Some housekeeping

Call it a resolution--and we all know how those tend to go--but I'm hoping to do a better job with the blog this year.

Here's a link to an essay I wrote about some of the ways I use research. The book I'm working on now features a handful of scenes in a chicken processing plant, so the essay focuses on my experience conning my way onto a tour of a local plant. Needless to say, there are just some things you have to see with your own eyes (to say nothing of the other senses) if you're going to write about them.

Thanks to David Yoo for sending this photo of the Young Adult shelf in the Border's in the Boston Airport. It's hard to see because the bookstore was closed when he took the picture. But seriously, if you squint just right, you might be able to make out The Brothers Torres down near the bottom left. An airport bookstore appearing to carry the book is good enough for me.


@ Coert Voorhees 2015