Thank you, West Mesa Mustangs

I've been a bit slow in posting these pictures (Slow is an understatement, I know. At least I got them up within a calendar year). This was my first school visit, with about 150 of Mrs. Sanchez's ESL students at West Mesa. I read for about fifteen minutes, then answered questions for another thirty. One of my favorite parts of the visit was the sound of pages turning as the students followed along with what I read. I was impressed by how closely the students had read the book and how emotionally invested they seemed to be in the outcome. After the Q & A, we hung out a bit, and I found myself engaging in a bit of smack talk about el fútbol mexicano. Despite Daniel's best efforts, I remain unconvinced about the virtues of switching my alliegances to Cruz Azul.

Thanks again to Mrs. Sanchez and all her fantastic students!


@ Coert Voorhees 2015