Go Panthers!

Thanks to everyone at Pinewood for making my visit so fantastic. From the students who still laugh at my dumb jokes, to Mr. Eivers, who graciously agreed to let me use his theater, to Mr. Morrill, who had to pick me up from the airport at midnight because I couldn't rent a car after losing my ID. It was nice to be back on campus. At one point I was hanging out in the faculty lounge, preparing for the presentation, when I looked around; Burnside to my left, Eivers and Cristiani to my right, Ms. Wilson yelling at Mr. Gardner in the other room. It was as though I'd never left. The best part, of course, was reading the book to the students I taught while I was writing it.

And finally, I want to wish the girl's varsity basketball team good luck in the State Finals tomorrow in Sacramento. GO PANTHERS!


@ Coert Voorhees 2015