ALAN Pick for October

The Assembly for Literature on Adolescents (ALAN) has released it's October 2008 picks, and The Brothers Torres is one of them. Highlights from the accompanying review: "Voorhees’s first novel is an extremely well-written page turner that is appropriate for middle school readers and beyond. The writing is humorous even as it tackles serious issues. Voorhees provides rich descriptions of the Latino culture and its influences, achieving an authentic feel by peppering the text with Spanish words and phrases... this book transcends classification as a young adult novel and promises to satisfy even the most refined of readers."

Congratulations to the other writers on the list.

Sadie's Stuffed Sopaipillas

What happened last night ranked right up there with the best parts of this whole publishing experience. We stopped at Sadie's for an early dinner on the way to the airport, and I brought a copy of TBT along with me--signed it to Sadie's thanking them for the inspiration for the food at Los Torres, Frankie's family's place. I thought that might get me a handshake and a smile, but the manager, Jerry, went way beyond that. He and his crew totally took care of my family and me. I had a tasty margarita and (of course) a chicken stuffed sopaipilla with red and green. Then Jerry had me sign in the guest book--now I'm in there along with the likes of Kenny Chesney, Doc Severinsen, and "Tower" from the original American Gladiators. Thanks again to everyone at Sadie's for the food and the inspiration. I can't wait to get back there.

Thank You Bookworks!

The reading yesterday at Bookworks had a little bit of a "Coert Voorhees, this is your life" feel to it. I saw some people I hadn't seen since high school, which was fantastic. I'm bad at coming up with names for my characters, so when I was writing the book, I thought back to kids I grew up with and used some names that I liked. Little did I know that I would eventually read the book to two of them. Zach was there, as was Cheo. Even though the characters have very little in common with their namesakes, it was still pretty sweet to have them in the audience. Thanks so much to Cein and Nancy and the rest of the Bookworks staff!


@ Coert Voorhees 2015